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Short phrases about prophet Muhammad>

Short phrases about prophet Muhammad


Keeping pace with the current communication methods and social networks, we will launch this project which consists of 100 tweets written in English by Dr. Naji Ibrahim al-Arfaj, may Allah reward him. These tweets address the non-Muslims with facts about Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be upon Him and His life. 

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) The Perfect Husband>

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) The Perfect Husband


It is a message to every Muslim to follow the Prophet as an example of what a husband should be. In addition, it explains to the non-Muslims how the prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him treated women.

Prophet Muhammad – Grateful for every kindness>

Prophet Muhammad – Grateful for every kindness


Prophet Muhammad was poor, but his wife was rich. It was Khadijah who chose the Prophet after being very impressed with his character. Now she saw what was to her a new but highly commendable attitude, which is loyalty to those who had done him a kindness.

The Simplicity of the Prophet Muhammad>

The Simplicity of the Prophet Muhammad


The Prophet’s simplicity did not disappear when he became the undisputed leader of the Arabian peninsula at the end of his Prophetic career. His Companion Umar once visited him and saw him sleeping on a mat of branches. 

Part 3: Prophet Muhammad>

Part 3: Prophet Muhammad


‘He was of a certainty a most unique and special man who demonstrated within his own life the virtues of humility, compassion, obedience, and a thirst for justice, and a call for all men to worship the one and only God of all creation