Al Jabbaar (The Compellor, The Restorer)

Did the circumstances break your back? And the affliction conspired against you? And the crises rushed on you?

Did the poverty change your facial features? And the diseases took the vitality and good of your fields? And being without a back and support made you appear tiny? And the humiliating looks surrounded you?

Do you want someone to restore and reform your broken soul, dispersed heart, and weak breaths? Why don’t you learn about the name of Allah “Al Jabbaar” to restore with its merciful meanings your breaks? And to bandage with its shadows your wounds? And to calm down with its breezes the storms of your wild soul?

Your broken heart… how did it break?

A part of the meaning of Al-Jabbaar is that He is The One who reforms the bodies and hearts of His worshipers.

Living in the protection of the God provides us with the ointments of the health, the bandage of happiness, the pains release, and sadness antibiotics.

He SWT knew that there would be breaks that will occur in the life of his worshipers’ body, heart and life; breaks that will leave its scars in their faces, and its impacts on their souls. Therefore, He himself took the responsibility to fix them by his mercy and He named Himself Al-Jabbaar to teach his worshipers that He is the One with ability to handle them so they seek his refuge.

The downfalls in this life are several:

An accident where the bones smash, an insult where the soul lose its dignity, poverty in which the spirit kneel down, disease where the strength fades away, a deadlock where your hope dies on its threshold, a suffocating phobia surrounds your spontaneity, hatred with which your feelings rebels against you, circumstances that force you to kneel your head down!

As much as these downfalls, the doors of the heavens open with the bandages of mercy and the restorers of intimacy!

How many of orphans who lost his soul because of the staring of his haughty friend, and without Al-Jabbaar, his soul might be crashed forever.

How many of weak one, the life slapped him through the hand of one of the tyrants, unless Al-Jabbar was there for him, he would be humiliated all of his life.
How many of poor one was humiliated by a sharp word said by one of the richest, unless Al-Jabbaar was for him, this word would stayed as a stigma for him all of his life.

He support the back of the broken one, help the one who is in need, he guide the small to the highest position, and approaches the delayed. His mercies restores the wounds of the souls…

We know people who severely suffered from the difficultness of their fathers nevertheless they grew so merciful!

They suffered from the irony of their mates, however they became special and successful!

They suffered from Anemia, Tuberculosis, and chest allergy, they grew to be strong!
Where are these physiological knots, and where are the impacts of these diseases? All are fixed, the mercy bandages helped it to be gone, Al-Jabbaar destined to it to disappear…

And restore all of me

He allowed for us to say between the two prostrations: “ 'O Allah! Pardon me, have mercy on me, help and restore all of me, guide me, and grant me sustenance.'"
“and restore all of me”! It is like we are breaking a lot everyday so we need Allah to restore our health a lot!

Before almost eighteen years ago, the only daughter of my sister died between her arms, the latter screamed a suffocating scream I heard from the next room, it was the last scream! I entered the room before the dawn to see her mom full of sadness and disappointment. Her eyes did not sleep and her sighs was calling her name. Allah guided me to show her the prayer which says” O Allah! Compensate me in my affliction, recompense my loss and give me something better in exchange for it " she said this prayer and her voice was weak from the affliction on her, her sad words were raised to the one who restores the hearts of his worshipers. Currently, she is pleased and compensated by sons and daughters, may Allah make them good to her and pious and give her and us from his favors.

If your soul was enflamed, your dreams are burned, and the building of your soul were crashed then say: Oh, Allah…

And loose a knot from my tongue

In the last year, I met a student who had a knot-problem in his tongue, he barely say a word then he repeat it several times! I advised him to not prostrate except saying: Oh Allah, loose a knot from my tongue that they may understand my saying…
I have met him this year and shockingly, he was the most eloquent of those who I have ever met, I asked him- and I was forgetting to my advice- about the reason. He said: the prayer of supplicating Allah asking him to loose a knot from my tongue!
Al-Jabbaar has solved his knot…

He is Al-Jabbaar, there is neither sorrow unless he release it, nor sickness unless he cures it, nor affliction unless he pours His mercy on it…

Pain overcrowds in the heart of the slave till a degree he thinks it is impossible to get out of it, whilst Al-Jabbaar heals that heart, and after months, the slave forgets all of his pains and sorrows because Allah did not release them only but he fixed the place where it was smashed, so it returned as it was not smashed before!

He SWT restores the hearts, the bones, the souls and destine for the wounds to be healed, and the tears to stop pouring its waterfalls.

If pains attacked you, and the inflictions surrounded you…do not prolong your crying, a prayer rug that you head to Al-Qibla, can overcome all of these pain and inflictions in minutes if Allah wills!

 He likes to see you smiling

He stayed after praying Al-Maghreb kneeling his head to Allah mentioning Allah to forgive his sins, his pocket was empty except from some Riyals which were insufficient in front of the needs of the life, anyone who cast a look at him from a descent distance can realize how poor he is and the amount of the scars in his soul, but Al-Jabbaar was paying attention to him from the highest heavens, he destined for him to sleep free from any stress as he give him sustenance and gave him what he could not imagine!

He loves you SWT, so he creates from his fascinating destinies what makes your mouth able to show that pretty smile, and make it evacuate the desperation features which were in your face.

If you saw a disappointed person, do not leave him, restore him by your words and actions. Be the one who Allah employs to fix the broken. Do not sleep and your neighbor is hungry, do not laugh and your brother is crying, do not relax and enjoy the warmth of your home while the winds of winter demolished the bodies and homes of the poor and weak ones.

The cart…

My friend says: I have seen an old lady pushing a cart nearby the Holy Kaaba full with small religious rugs to sell, the years have inflicted her skin to a terrible degree, he saw his mother in her shape, everything inside him cried, even his eyes shed tears at the end on her position; he took out what was in his pocket and put it in her hands and his soul was falling apart from sadness on this poor old mother…
He continues: I did not think ever that I am giving her a favor or being generous to her, or Allah, The Appreciative would appreciate me. I was merely attempting to fix a scar made by her situation in my broken soul, and unfortunately, I could not succeed!

That month did not pass except the biggest sum of money in his life entered his bank account!

Allah will not see you fixing the peoples’ life without appreciating your good deeds, indeed he is the appreciative, The Praiseworthy…

Be for people a caretaker when your life is not better

Be sweetness in life when your mates became bitter

Be the window from which the breezes enter on people who suffer from the smoke of the hard life, you may fix a life and get the high favor by your deed.

Remember the prophet (PBUH) when he visited a sick Jew!
Abu Bakr PBUH who was sweeping the house of the blind woman and preparing for her the food!

When Abdullah ibn Al-Mubark died, the poor lost the sustenance that he was placing in their thresholds before Al-Fajr. Thus, They knew after his death that was from him!

One of the foes of the great Sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah died, the people comes with the news to him as a way to make him happy. He got angry and went directly to his family and sons asking them if they are in need for anything, they have just to ask him as he is like their dad!

They were busy with the great mission, the mission of healing the broken hearts, Allah was using them for this great honor…

My friend told me while he was a student in Umm Al Qura University that in his way to the university, he met a man in his way to pilgrimage asking him about the place of the police station, my friend told him that he is urgently busy as the criticism subject exam in the university was about to start as the net week was its time. Nevertheless, he took him in his way to approach him from the distance, the man told him that before 3 days he had lost his wallet, phone, the passport and everything that may identify him. He became unknown, unable to eat or sleep in a respectful place or contacting with anyone! This man told my friend: I got tired and in this time he cried saying: from three days I am trying to make people realize my needs and was sleeping in streets…He was broken deeply!

My friend said that he stayed supporting him by the words and reminded him with Allah and continued: Allah did not make you lose these things in Al Kaaba to make you humiliated for someone else. Just prostrate before him and he will be there for you, then he gave him eighty three Riyals, this is all what he found in his wallet, he delivered him to his place to see the smile returned back…

After two weeks, the results of the criticism exam which he did not answer any paragraph because its difficultness appeared. He thought that he would fail it and get big zero! He found that he achieved eighty three from one hundred in it! The same number of the Riyals which he has given to that man who came for pilgrimage was the same results that he achieved in his test! Without increasing or decreasing!!
Yeah, things the more you try to conceal, the brighter it appears and gets clear, the more you decide to not hear to it, it screams with a loud voice astonishingly, He is Allah, He is Allah, Oh my friend…

When Allah employed him to heal the broken heart and situation of this man, he appreciated his deeds…

The servant’s room

If they knocked the doors of the kings, knock the door of The Greatest of all kings…

If they stood before a prince in humiliation, stand before The Generous God…
If they travelled from a hospital to the other, wake up at night and say oh Allah…
In his hands, the fulfillment of the needs, healing has a great treasury in its size and position, do you know where is this treasury? It is in the hand of Allah!
﴾And there is not a thing but its (sources and) treasures (inexhaustible) are with Us; but We only send down thereof in due and ascertainable measures.﴿
Happiness also has its treasury, safety, relaxation, satisfaction either. Do you leave the one in whose hands are the entities of everything and seek the satisfaction of a slave who owe for himself neither a benefit nor harm nor death nor life nor resurrection?

How it is so funny for a visitor of a king to leave his king because of being busy talking with a servant in his room!

We do what is funnier than this when we leave supplicating for The King of this life and after life SWT and asking him what we want whereas we go in a therapeutic trip to Washington, or England then we return after months carrying our loss and disappointment!
What I am hinting to here is not about searching for healing, as it is accepted in Islam, but about thinking that a human being could cure, and forgetting the All-creator…

The dream and the memory

Live days with Al-Jabbaar, pass his dignified meanings on your wounds, make it the cure for your soul sufferings, wake up with it the sources of happiness in yourself, make contemplations with it which make the sun rise in the emptiness of your soul.
Our prophet comes from Taif filled up with a huge amount from sadness, burning soul and disappointment after the foolish disbelievers injured his holy heels by stones. Allah, the king of this life and afterlife sees him sad, and his heart was full of pain. Thus, He sends Gabriel and the mountain angels to end these burning memories, He sends him in a special mission to smash the stable mountains above their heads!

The mountain angel looks to the prophet PBUH while he was drown in his sadness walking through Qarn Al-Thaalab, and say: My Lord ordered me to comply with your order, Muhammad, so if you desired from me to crash the two mountains above them, I am verily going to obey what you are going to say!

If He wanted to heal your broken heart, he would destroy a whole city for your sake!

But Muhammad, the prophet PBUH orders him to forgive and be merciful to them…
When the mockery hit the heart of Noah PBUH, he casted a look at the sky and supplicated saying: ﴾Then he called on his Lord: "I am one overcome: do Thou then help (me)!" Therefore, The King SWT opened the gates of heaven, with water pouring forth, he sought all the earth for the sake of Noah!!

Can anyone rather than Allah be able to heal your broken soul with such an act?
Some people think that their mission is to destroy you, make fun of you, showing you in a little and tiny shape in front of your companions! Unless Al-Jabbaar was there for you, their cunning actions would have smashed you into small pieces…
They enter your eyes to steal from you the prettiest dreams, they sneak into your heart to delete the best of your memories! And the more a dream fades away, the more Allah creates for you another beautiful one!

A cup of coffee!

Al-Jabbaar has provided us in life with bandages and medicines. We may know some of them, but we for sure are unaware of most of them. He created them in the life for you, so you can smile, live a decent life, and be free for his worshipping.
Our wounds heal when we take the right medicine, and when we eat the healthy food, and when we drink the pure water.

Our souls get healthy when we see the smile on the faces of the others, and when we feel their hands taping in our shoulders, and when we hear the good word.
We transcend our psychological knots when we met a heart that beats with our love, and give us the helping hand, and a cup of coffee we drink slowly with love with the one we adore.

There are things that heal inside of us when we look at the beautiful landscapes of the nature, and when we hear the murmur of the water, and we stare at the bird when he is feeding his small tiny chicks.

Compulsory congregational prayer fills up the hole of depression inside our hearts, and mentioning Allah saying: Subhan Rabi Alazim (Allah the exalted in the heavens) takes our hearts to feel the greatness of Allah’s Throne.

The prayers of the mother is a warmth in the winter life, visiting a friend is a pleasure in the mess of life, and the caring of a neighbor colors the image of your grey soul.

Orange juice forces you to smile, a piece of candy is a special deliciousness, and a warm bath is a great feeling of the end of tiredness.

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