Al Waki'l "The Trustee"

Do you feel that you are weak? And that this worldly life with all of its details is bigger than you and that you are just a feather billowing in the direction in which the wind of this loud life is blowing?

Do you feel that you are just a bird with no wings, so your strength languishes and you need help?

Do you have possessions—whether children, money, health, or even life—that you fear for and you want to deposit them with an honest one who will keep them safe?
Then advance with me to enlightenment of the name of Allah: “the Trustee.”
You should start by re-defining this great name, plunge yourself to the depth of its meaning, comfort yourself with it in your weakness, your worries, and your longing to feel the shade of “the Trustee.”

Take Him as your Trustee

The Trustee is the only One to put your trust in, the only One to return to, the only One to put your confidence in and the only One to put your aspirations on.
Any of your affairs which you put in the trust of Allah, you can forget about them entirely. As you trust Allah, it means that you put your confidence in the One who owns everything between the heavens and the earth and who safeguards all, while nothing safeguards Him. So, He will take care of your affairs.

Allah, the Exalted, says about His Almighty Self, “The Lord of the East and the West—there is no god But He—therefore, take Him as Trustee.” Take Allah, the Lord of the East and the West, as Trustee. What else do you need besides the comfort, honor, glory, and guarantee of success gifted to you by Allah?

He just you to say with all your heart: “O Allah! You are my Trustee!”
Is there anything richer on the surface of this earth than Allah wanting you to put your trust in Him, to take Him only as a safeguard, to seek shelter in Him only?

Nothing is equal to such richness at all, as it is beyond the power of humanity to protect you from everything, to divert all harm from reaching you, and to support you in everything.

Only Allah says that to you, does that for you, or is even capable of doing it!
Putting your trust in Allah comes from the certainty of the heart. It shelters you under a great cover to rest from the weight of burdens, from the rains of conspiracy, and from the restless wind of life. The one who is deprived of such blessings is the one who does not appreciate the certainty of this coverage and the one who does not attempt to walk under it.

The Greatest King and Noblest Lord of All Lords, the Exalted, orders you directly to take Him as a Trustee! He wants you to put your needs in His Hand to have them fulfilled. He wants you to turn to Him so as to protect you from the arrows of betrayal. He wants you to entrust Him with your affairs so that they will be accomplished perfectly and ideally. The question in this regard is: what are you waiting for?

What would prevent you from accepting this Grace? Who else gave you these blessings?

We are attached to the worldly dust to a frightening extent!

﴾And put thy trust on the Exalted in Might, the Merciful, Who seeth thee standing forth (in prayer),And thy movements among those who prostrate themselves﴿

What is the biggest matter, the hardest infliction, and the greatest burden which will defy the Honorable Lord, in your imagination? He is the Lord of Honor itself. He is the Lord of all the kinds of Honor you have seen, heard of, or known. So how can your inflictions defy the will of Allah, the Lord of Honor, Glory, and Greatness?

An Annual Plan

The greatest thing you may entrust Allah with is His worship and is to quit and leave your ability and power and to say with your heart before your tongue: ﴾Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek..﴿ So you seek His safeguard and you entrust Him as well as asking Him for power to worship Him.

It is unbelievable to even think that Allah, who orders you to worship Him and orders you to entrust your affairs to Him, would let you down. That would never happen. It is unimaginable that Allah, who orders you to worship Him and loves your worship, would not support you! Just repeat these generous prophetic words:
"O Allah! Help me to mention your grace, thank you, and properly worship you."1
Have I just said repeat it a lot ?

Then accept my apology! Do not just repeat these words, but put them within your daily schedule, annual plan, and life objectives!

If He does not help you, no other power will help you!

If He does not help you, you will never even do a single part of it!

If He does not help you, you will lose this life and the Hereafter!

Ibn al-Qayyim said: “Ibn Taymiyyah, Sheikh of Islam—may Allah glorify his soul—said, “I thought about what was the most beneficial prayer, and I concluded that it is asking for help from Allah to please Him, and I found this prayer manifested in Surah al-Fatihah:

(Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek).

He also said:“The heart is subject to two great diseases. If Allah’s servant does not find a cure for them, they will damage the heart. The two diseases are hypocrisy and haughtiness. The cure of hypocrisy is (You we worship) and the cure of haughtiness is (You we ask for help).”

I often listen to the words of Sheikh of Islam, Ibn Taymiyyah—may Allah glorify his soul—such as, “saying (You we worship) is the cure of hypocrisy and the cure of haughtiness is (You we ask for help).”

Have you thought about the compulsory congregational prayer that you have just finished? Without Allah’s help, you could not perform it.

Submission to Allah

He is merciful. Just put your needs in front of His door. Just make your heart submit to Him as if your heart has no power before His power. If you did not do so, the Merciful Almighty wants you to become like that. After that, have confidence that He will fulfill your needs, cure your diseases, and bring a smile upon your lips
Your wishes with Allah are facts 

Your aspirations with Allah are living situations

Your desires will be guided to you

Your longings will be gifted to you ﴾And put thy trust on the Exalted in Might, the Merciful, Who seeth thee standing forth (in prayer)﴿

The One you stand to pray to, the One you prostrate to, and the One you bow down to is the right One to be entrusted with your needs, to be entrusted with your recovery, to be your shelter from your fears, and to be your supporter to achieve your dreams.

Keep your hands holding fast to the covenant of Allah all together, As He is the Support if others fail you!

The son of a good woman decided to complete his studies abroad, and she had a preconceived notion about the loss and deviation in which some of those who study abroad become involved. She was helpless, however, as so many situations forced her to accept the matter. She knew that only Allah could save her son, so she dedicated a portion of her prayers to calling upon Allah to save her son. The son came back from his studies as a frequent visitor of the mosque, a frequent performer of night prayer, a caller for good and forbidder of evil! He had acquired what he had been lacking before! How can we imagine that the Trustee would leave the son to be lost while his mother prays humbly to Allah to save her son, saying, “I have entrusted You with my son, so do not let me down in regards to him”?

Smiling tears

If a king of this worldly life said to you, “Entrust me with your rights to have them all returned to you from an unjust person. Just trust me!” would you doubt that your rights would be returned to you? You just need the signature of one of the king’s assistants to force this unjust person to give you your rights with a shivering heart. What if you got the signature of the king himself? Or what if the king promised you to undertake the mission himself?

Now, put this king and his assistants aside and contemplate this with me:

﴾And rely upon the Ever-Living who does not die, and exalt [Allah] with His praise. And sufficient is He to be, with the sins of His servants, Acquainted)


Every small need you wished to get has gone away , isn’t not?

There is no room for fear, no room for hesitation, and no matter for possibilities!!
Allah will turn all of your problems into solutions, all your pain will be happiness, all of your dreams will become true, and all your tears shall be smilies.

Your rights will be returned to your children after your death. Do not be preoccupied, even just for a single moment, with your pain and your deep rooted suffering with your sons after your death. When you die, the Ever-Living who never dies will be with them, will have mercy upon their state, will please them, and will make their lives better than when you were with them, as He is the Ever-Living who never dies.

 The Oxygen of Life

If no one has done you injustice, you must still put your trust in Him!

Your trust is not limited to the intimate discourse between you and Him against the unfairness of the unjust towards you, and it is not limited to your asking for the accomplishment of certain work!

Your trust in Allah is the Oxygen of life. Can you live without Oxygen?

You must entrust Allah with your health. Entrust Him with the pulses of your heart, the movement of your organs, the flow of your blood through your veins, and the digestion of food in your body.

If Allah does not give permission to your eyelids to close, your eyes will burn due to dryness!

If Allah does not give permission to your tongue to taste, life will be pale in your eyes!

If Allah does not give permission to your skin to feel touch, it will be cut into pieces without feeling anything!

Entrust Allah, the Exalted, with the piety of your children!

How many times have you seen children who were brought up in mosques but they became atheists—God forbid!

How many times have you seen children on whom their fathers spent money and took care of them but they get lost?

How many times have you seen children whose elder brothers care for them but they become among the deviant?

Only Allah knows the door of guidance in the heart of your son. Call to Him to fill it with faith. Say to Him in submission, “O my Lord! This is my son, and You are my Lord and his Lord. Guide him and direct him to You and help me in bringing him up!

O my Lord! I cannot order him to pray properly without Your help!

He will not pray properly without Your help!

Help us both to mention You, to thank You, and to worship You properly!”

Life is like Hell Without Him

Entrust Him with the happiness of your life, as life is like Hell without Allah!
They say, “Praise your wife. Speak with her about the details of life to steal her heart. Smile to her. Treat her kindly. By virtue of the above, you will win her heart and her love!”

Yes, surely all of these are correct! Yet, before, during, and after these actions, you must say the following words: O my Lord! Make my wife fit for me!

Ask Allah for His help, trust in Him, and call upon Him with these words, “All my smiles to my wife are in vain without Your will.”

Prostrate to Him, saying, “Her heart is in Your Hands, not mine, so enhance our relationship and make us fit for each other.”

Allah wants you to admit to Him that you are weak with your limited power and humble potentials, and He is the only Almighty, Glorified and Great. If you comply with all of this, you will complete three-quarters of trusting Him. If you comply with this, surely, I am telling you that everything surrounding you will turn upside down. Believe me, everything will turn upside down!

Put your needs, dreams, and burdens aside. Let us imagine that you are a being with no needs, with no dreams, with no burdens, and with no diseases. You will still need to trust Him for Him to love you! Do you not want Him to love you?

﴾Verily Allah loves those who entrust Him.﴿ The meaning of Allah’s love for His servant cannot be evaded by anyone who is capable of even a little reasoning without his heart being shaken with compassion, wishes, and desires. Allah, the One and Only, loves you. This is a sufficient enough reason to put your trust in the Trustee, the Exalted, and to love the name signifying this great characteristic.

Sufficient is Allah for me

Some people are driven with the desire to daunt you, to tell you something from this ugly reality, to shake your inner certainty, to play with your feelings, to order you to fear and to be frightened, to change your position, and to make you deviate from your principles. At this moment, wash your heart with faith and say, “Sufficient is Allah for me, for He is the best disposer of affairs.” At that moment when you do so, you will return with favor from Allah and bounty, no harm having touched you. Read with concentration:

﴾Those to whom the people said: Surely men have gathered against you, therefore fear them, but this increased their faith, and they said: Allah is sufficient for us and most excellent is the Protector. So they returned with favor from Allah and bounty, no harm having touched them...﴿


When you are inflicted with severe afflictions, they will undoubtedly never harm you, and even the mental disorder that you thought it is inevitable from catching a little of it, it will never harm you. Your skin will not be harmed with sores. Your heart shall not even be hit by blame if Allah's will!!

Read with your heart: ﴾Entrust Allah and sufficient is Allah as your Trustee﴿

If you trust Allah, do not let yourself think that you have trusted Him because you did not find an alternative. Never! You trust Him because He is the best to be trusted by any creature.

Some people may say, “We have nothing but calling upon Allah!”

It is astonishing! Is there a more powerful might than the only thing you have?
Calling upon Allah is a characteristic of trusting Allah. Calling upon Allah is a sign of strong faith as well, though it is simply voiced words that He is the Mighty Allah, capable of everything. This is the clearest example of putting your trust in Allah. 

To the one who says, “ I have nothing but Allah,” say , “Sufficient is Allah as your Trustee—Allah is the greatest.” What does this person lack if he is with the King of All Kings, the Lord of the East and the West?

Take your worldly life and leave

My heart free, unrestrained and strange

I am richer than you all

Even if you leave me alone with no potentials

Persuasive Reason

Do you know why it is enough to put your trust only in Allah? There is a persuasive reason to do so—He owns both the heavens and the earth. ﴾Allah has all between the heavens and the earth, and sufficient is Allah as Trustee﴿

Do you fear a human living on the earth? But this human belongs to Allah, and Allah, the Exalted, is controlling him!

The disease that has destroyed you, and you have not found a medication to cure it, is it on the earth? Yes, so it belongs to Allah, and Allah, the Exalted, is capable of ordering it to leave your body!

These afflictions, burdens, grief, suffering, and preoccupations are on the earth, are they not? Then, put your trust in Allah who owns everything on the earth, for He can remove with a single word all of your afflictions, burdens, and suffering.
Because Allah, the Exalted, is the One who created everything, He is capable of doing anything. So, put your trust in Him. ﴾Allah is the Creator of everything and He has charge (control) over everything.﴿

Contemplate these words: Sufficient is Allah for us, and He is the best Trustee!
Do not we have Allah except as our supporter and keeper? Then, Allah is the best Trustee, as there is no greater, more glorified, or more worthy trustee than Allah.

Watch out!

Beware trusting anyone other than Allah! Beware seeking safeguard from other than Allah, as you will be inflicted with weakness. You will be invaded with devilish whispers, and your heart will be attached to mundane aspirations. Allah, the Exalted, says, ﴾Do not take a trustee other than Me.﴿ You are prohibited to search for others, while Allah exists. You are prohibited to trust others, while Allah is the Ever-Living. You are prohibited to seek shelter from others, while Allah is The One who provides provision.

Because Allah is All-Hearing and All-Knowing, you trust Him. He hears everything, even what occurs in secrecy, and He knows everything, even what is spoken in the darkness. How dare you trust other than Allah and others cannot hear those things or know those things? "Put your trust in Allah; Surely He is All Hearing All Knowing."
The unjust one who harms you, he is just a creature who belongs to this same Lord who is protecting you! Thus, put your trust in Him to divert his harm from you, and say with honor, ﴾I put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord! There is not a moving creature but that He has grasp of its forelock.﴿

Even if Satan, who has his soldiers and followers and was gifted by Allah the power to whisper, to frighten, and to possess humans and other beings, cannot exercise his power against those who put their trust in Allah. ﴾Behold, he has no power over those who have attained to faith and in their Sustainer place their trust﴿

What if we apply the same criteria to the manager at work, bad neighbor, prince or minister?


﴾And if anyone puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is (Allah) for him.﴿ You will not have a need for help from anyone else if you put your confidence and trust in Allah and make Him as your Supporter for all of your affairs.

Allah is sufficient for you, and He is the One who diverts afflictions from you.
If Allah’s protection did not shelter you from all sides, you would perish.

Life is like a field full of diseases, burdens, beats, plots, and conspiracies. Without Allah’s protection, snakes would swallow you alive.

I am not trying to frighten you, but it is the truth!

Say: O Allah! I put my trust in You!

Have you said it with your heart? Now smile as all the snakes perish.

 Things Threatening You

If you left your house, you might face something outside such as:

a very grievous accident. Getting ill because of the wind. falling into a ditch. A rude person may insult you. A hateful person may envy you. A hard headed person may burden you. Or a dishonest vender may cause you loss. Thus, you have to say what was recommended by our Noble Prophet, peace be upon him, “O Allah, I seek refuge with You lest I should stray or be led astray, or slip or be tripped, or oppress or be oppressed, or behave foolishly or be treated foolishly.” 2 Now, you can go out to smell the air of success and facilitation by virtue of Allah’s will. All these fears cease to exist.

When you go to sleep, rely upon Him and assign your affairs to Him with fear and desire of Him.

In every moment and in every second you have to remember that, there is God who you should put your trustee in, you are in a dire need for his support, don’t miss this opportunity, this gift, this quality.

O Allah! Make us among those who put their trust in You! We seek shelter in You, pour out your faith in our hearts and make this faith divert us from trusting anyone other than You!

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