How to perform wudu' (ablution)?

The Prophet practically taught us how to perform ablution, as he was sent to explain the revelation of the Quran. The following is a step by step guide explaining what exactly is to be washed and how, gathered from various texts of hadith.


The Purity

This book explains the concept of purification and that under Islam it is not limited to personal and physical purity but includes purifying oneself of sin and all disobedience of God.then discusses the detailed rules of physical purification. 


Ablution (Wudoo)

In the first lesson, we discussed the basics of ablution (wudoo). In this lesson, we will describe how to perform ablution in a little more detail, and mention the ahadith from which this method is derived.

Tayammum (dry ablution)

Definition of At-Tayammum The Literal Meaning of At-Tayammum Intending and striving towards something. The Meaning of At-Tayamum in Islamic Law Wiping the face and hands with clean soil, with the intention of purification.