Islam is the religion of peace

Islam: the religion of peace, shows with perfect clarity that Islam is the religion of peace and that the spread of Islam means the spread of peace throughout the world. Muslims must always be true to their promises and covenants and treat others with justice and compassion.


The Message of Islam

The writer started his book by stating a very important fact which is that Islam, its belief, acts of worship, transactions and teachings, Then, the book discusses the basic principles of Islam.

Islam is The religion of peace

The book makes clear that when the early Muslims overpowered major empires and took over vast areas, their motives were not to subjugate people or to enrich themselves.

Islamic Morals that Promote Peace

Islamic Morals that Promote Peace.


An Introduction to Islam
Categories of Tawheed
What do you actually know about Islam?
Impact of Choices
What should we do?
Introduction to Divine Rights
Treating the Sick


Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

Islam is to willfully submit to the Creator of all that exists, in obedience to His commands. The result of doing so is peace.

True Peace

True and complete peace can only be had when the individuals themselves achieve internal peace. This results from Islam or the true submission to Allah alone.

The search for inner peace

From the earliest sources of history, the struggle for global search of inner peace has been something mankind has tried to achieve. In this article the writer present an informative topic on the problems of the societies that we live in with a special look at the western way of life, which the rest of the world has started to adopt.

Real Happiness and Inner Peace

Real happiness and peace can be found in submitting to the commands of the Creator and the Sustainer of this world.