The Purity in Islam

Islam deals greatly with the external purity and cleanliness of the individual the way it does with it internally. Such an attitude inevitably includes the purity of the body.


The Purity

This book explains the concept of purification and that under Islam it is not limited to personal and physical purity but includes purifying oneself of sin and all disobedience of God.then discusses the detailed rules of physical purification. 


The Meaning of Purification
The Meaning of Purification
Purification of the Soul
Purification of the Soul


Manners of Relieving Oneself

 Islam being an all-encompassing religion leaves no stone unturned. Even something as mundane as the manners of relieving oneself has been outlined by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and is tied to a Muslim’s sense of cleanliness and modesty.

Ablution (Wudoo)

In the first lesson, we discussed the basics of ablution (wudoo). In this lesson, we will describe how to perform ablution in a little more detail, and mention the ahadith from which this method is derived.

Cleanliness of Body and Soul

When we wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, we see ourselves. Little wonder, then, that we spend much money on cleaning our bodies and homes, but we often take little care of our souls. 

The Concept of Purification of the Soul

Purification of the soul is a “process.” In other words, it is not some-thing static. It is, in fact, dynamic and it can be volatile. A person may be moving closer and closer to his absolute potential with respect to purification of his soul or he may move further away from it.