The universal message of Islam

Islam is a universal religion sent for all of humanity. This is made abundantly clear when Allah Almighty says "We have sent you as a mercy for mankind.


The Message of Islam

The writer started his book by stating a very important fact which is that Islam, its belief, acts of worship, transactions and teachings, Then, the book discusses the basic principles of Islam.


Islam is a Universal Religion
Islam is a Universal Religion
Universal message of Islam
Universal message of Islam
The Universal Religion
The Universal Religion


Universality of God's Religion

The true religion of God cannot be confined to any one people, place or period of time

The Universality of Islam and Its Timelessness

The Prophet Muhammad is the final messenger and it is inconceivable knowing the mercy of the merciful that He would leave humans without any form of clear guidance. 

The test of universality

Perhaps I should have warned you a bit more that the conclusions of this rational approach might mean going completely against your desires and the things that you think you want in life.