The Universality of Islam

The universality of Islam is an undeniable fact, a characteristic peculiar to Islam, the Righteous Religion. Almighty Allah has assigned Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as Prophet and Messenger to the entire mankind, revealing to him His Holy Book to serve as a means of guidance and a reminder to all humanity. It was the will of Almighty Allah to make the Islamic Message the seal of revealed messages, which thus gave form and substance to the Righteous Religion.


Just One Message!

Just One Message: is a book to those who seek the truth sincerely, honestly, and open-minded.


Islam is a Universal Religion
Islam is a Moderate Religion
The Best Instruction Manual for the Human Beings
To Understand any Religion do not Observe the Followers of that Religion


The Final Message

Allah had sent numerous prophets throughout the centuries. However, He had determined that He should send a final messenger with a final message. This final messenger would be the messenger for all of humankind from his time until the Day of Reckoning.

The Universality of Islam and Its Timelessness

The Prophet Muhammad is the final messenger and it is inconceivable knowing the mercy of the merciful that He would leave humans without any form of clear guidance. 

A Final Point on Some of the Goals of Islam

One will readily note that all of the goals of Islam are highly interconnected. This is quite logical. Actually, they all flow from the foundation of true monotheism. When a person embodies the teachings of Islamic monotheism, he then frees himself from worshipping anybody else or anything else. 

The Religion of Allah

Islam is not a man-made philosophy or religion. Its teachings come directly from the Creator. It is the guidance that the Creator, via His Mercy, has bestowed upon humankind. 

When was Islam founded?

People have a misconception that "ISLAM" Is a "NEW RELIGION" which came into existence 1400 years ago... and that prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the founder of that religion .