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Belief in Books>

Belief in Books


This Islamic guide is for non-Muslims who would like to understand Islam, Muslims (Moslems), and the Holy Quran (Koran).  It is rich in information, references, bibliography, and illustrations.  

Belief in the revealed books>

Belief in the revealed books


One must believe that Allah revealed heavenly books to His messengers to convey them to mankind.These books all people to worship Allah alone & Quran is the last book that confirms the message of Tawheed. 

Belief in God’s Revealed Books>

Belief in God’s Revealed Books


Muslims believe that God revealed books to His messengers as proof for mankind and as guidance for them. Among these books is the Quran, which God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Belief in the Books>

Belief in the Books


Belief in the Books, Sheik Bilal continues to discuss the moral foundation of Six Pillars of Faith & on the continuity on the Belief on Books.

Belief in Allah’s Books>

Belief in Allah’s Books


Belief in Allah’s books is the third article of faith. It refers to the revelations that Allah sent down to His messengers as a mercy and guidance to lead mankind to success in this life and happiness in the Hereafter. 

The Third Article of Faith: Belief in Revealed Books of Allah>

The Third Article of Faith: Belief in Revealed Books of Allah


Belief in Revealed Books of Allah: Muslims believe that God revealed His wisdom and instructions through ‘books’ to some of the prophets like the Psalms, Torah, and the Gospel. Over time, however, the original teachings of these books got distorted or lost.Muslims believe the Quran is God’s final revelation revealed to Prophet Muhammad and has been fully preserved.