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God’s Attributes According to Islam>

God’s Attributes According to Islam


God’s Names and Attributes are those qualities that give correct understanding of what God truly is. The Qur’an, Islam’s holy book, believed to be God’s final word, tells humanity what God is like and what He is not like.

Impossibility of God’s Attributes>

Impossibility of God’s Attributes


The belief in a supreme, unfathomable, invisible, or infinite being who is beyond man’s grasp constitutes atheism’s main argument against God’s existence.

Knowing God>

Knowing God


Islam teaches that what God’s Essence is or what He looks like should not be points of concern. Humans can relate to God through the ways in which He has chosen to be known and appreciated; namely, His Attributes as revealed in His Divine Words and His observable Actions and Fingerprints all over creation.

The Messenger of God Muhammad>

The Messenger of God Muhammad


An account of the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), The book introduces us to the Prophet's noble character, his humble life and his conduct with his family at home. His companions and all people in society. 

The Mercy of Allah (God)>

The Mercy of Allah (God)


Muslims are encouraged to have hope of reward for good deeds, while being concerned about sins they may perform. When they commit sins, they repent sincerely, and are hopeful of being forgiven.

10 Reasons Why Jesus Is Not God!>

10 Reasons Why Jesus Is Not God!


The video numerates 10 reasons why Jesus is not God. God cannot be born and there is nothing like God. When it comes to Who He is, God is explicit when He said to the Children of Israel: “I am God there is none like me, do not worship anything else.”

Non-Definition of the Word ‘God’ in atheism>

Non-Definition of the Word ‘God’ in atheism


Atheism, from the Greek word atheos (without God), is an attitude that denies or disbelieves in God’s existence; accordingly, no intelligent creator, no divine lawgiver, no ultimate judge of humanity’s actions, and nothing above or beyond this closed, natural, physical world exists.