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Complete Salah Guide>

Complete Salah Guide


Complete Salaah Guide: This is an eye catching educational application suitable for all walks of life. It is an easy step by step guide according to the Quraan (Koran) and Sunnah (Teachings of Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be upon Him) which has been verified by prominent Ulema (Scholars) from around the world. The App uses simple to read and easy to understand instructions, along with illustrations of the actions of Salaah (Prayer).

The essence of Salah is remembrance of Allah>

The essence of Salah is remembrance of Allah


Read your salah (prayer) slowly. The khushu (concentration) will follow automatically. The Quran tells us that the essence of salah is remembrance of Allah. A few minutes every day is not that hard to remember Allah, is it? Learn more about prayer here...