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Guide to Islam is an Islamic website following the method of Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama'a, it is affiliated to Osoul Global Center. We aspire to be a lighthouse to give guidance to the seekers of the truth, and a shady oasis in our modern life which troubles people with plights and evils to distract them from the way of their Creator, the Almighty.

Guide to Islam is available in thirteen languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, Oromo, and Hindi. In the future, God willing, we will increase the languages of the site till it covers all languages of the world.

Guide to Islam Departments:

Holy Qur'an and Tafsir Department:

It provides the Qur'an recitations of many reciters and translations of the meaning of the Qur'an into many world countries. The team of Guide to Islam always enriches this department with new recitations and translations.

Video Department:

It offers topnotch dawah videos in the languages of by the website. Those videos address the needs of the seekers of the truth, they answer their questions and polish the pure image of Islam from any distortion or tarnishing by its enemies. The videos are made professionally, offering proofs of the truth.

Book Department:

This department offers dawah books selected carefully according to certain standards such as the quality of writing, translations and artistic direction. They fulfill the needs of those seeking the truth in our today's world. The books discuss various topics in fairness and transparency, without any exaggeration or lies. The website will allow the users to download all books without any limitations or conditions.

Audio Department:

It offers dawah audio clips accomplished in an artisitic and professional way. They would cover the same topics discussed in the books and videos departments.

Cards Department:

It offers summarized cards with magnificent designs, including very useful brief information to answer the questions of truth seekers. They would give insight to facts, ethics and virtues of Islam.

Mobile Phones Department:

It offers a number of applications such as interactive ones, paper and audiobooks, etc.

Direct Dialogue with  non-Muslims:

The speakers will talk to you in your language, they will listen to you, talk to you and offer you answers to your questions about Islam.

Information Department:

The most important websites and applications needed by those who want to know about Islam and its true nature. In one place, we collected all the resources to choose from without the burden of searching all over the internet.

We were keen in Guide to Islam to post different kinds of content and topics to satisfy all the different requirements of users, their different living circumstances and educational and cultural backgrounds.

We are delighted to communicate with you, and in case you face any problem on the site or if you have a question in mind that you cannot find an answer for in the available content…

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