Short phrases about prophet Muhammad

Osoul Global Center is focusing on telling others about Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be upon Him, through the center's productions and projects. The biography of Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be upon Him, is the complete and best embodiment of the true religion, Islam, which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad from Almighty Allah. Indeed, spreading the biography of Prophet Muhammad and letting others know about His fine qualities is one of the best methods of calling to Islam, i.e. Dawah.

Keeping pace with the current communication methods and social networks, we will launch this project which consists of 100 tweets written in English by Dr. Naji Ibrahim al-Arfaj, may Allah reward him. These tweets address the non-Muslims with facts about Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be upon Him and His life. Osoul Global Center developed and designed this work to be in the best quality and accuracy possible, in order to make it suitable to be posted and distributed.

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