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The Prophet, ,salllaAllahualihiwasallam, had an exemplary generosity.

He used not to reject  any one who asks him for a need if he is able to fulfill his need, a man asked him, salllaAllahualihiwasallam, to give him the suit he was wearing, he, salllaAllahualihiwasallam, entered his house, took it off and then came out with it in his hand  and gave it to him.

In the Sahih books of  Al-Bukhary and Muslim on the authority of Jabir, may Allah be pleased with both of them, said:

never was the Prophet, salllaAllahualihiwasallam, asked for anything for the sake of embracing Islam but that he, salllaAllahualihiwasallam, would give it. One day a man asked him to give him sheep that covers the distance between mountains and he gave them to him. This man returned to his people saying: O people embrace Islam. Muhammed gives as if he does not fear poverty.