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Jabir, may Allah be pleased with him, reported Allah's Messenger (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him ) as saying:

Cover vessels, waterskins, close the doors and extinguish the lamps, for the Satan does not loosen the waterskin, does not open the door and does not uncover the vessels. And if one amongst you fails to find (something) to cover it well, he should cover it by placing (a piece of) wood across it. Qutaiba did not mention the closing of the doors in the hadith transmitted by him. 

Sahih Muslim

This commandment clearly shows that taking caution is a must. Precaution is required in every matter that is feared to cause harm, it is one of the reasons that one should take. Then one shall hope in the grace and mercy of Allah that this reason will yield its fruits.

This commandment is thought to benefit the inhabitants of the deserts and backward villages only;

Undoubtedly this assumption is false, covering the vessels protects the food and drink against the pollution of the atmosphere be it exhaust gases or bad odors, and protects it from the penetration of deadly bacteria and harmful insects; prevention is better than treatment.

Covering the vessel is a civilized behavior required by the natural disposition, common sense and public interest.

The sealing of the water containers is also a civilized behavior; the water is affected by what affects the food, so it must be preserved and cared for its purification from all the impurities.

Islam preceded to this important precaution and recommended it in this simple way; so that we apply it in our time.

In this era, we shall tighten the bottles in which the water is and to close the faucets and taps, so as not to waste the leaking water.

It should be known that Islam calls for moderation in everything especially in using water.

The Prophet ( may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him ) said in this commandment: "Close the doors" is one of the things that people know clearly and they do not need to be commanded, but man usually forgets. He may forget or neglect closing the door and say what contradicts caution. Closing the door makes the owner of the house or room feels more safe, then sleeps in peace.

As for extinguishing the lamp, it is a necessity that should be taken care of before sleeping if the lamp is lit by gas and the like. Because darkness brings sleep calmly, removes man's physical and moral fatigue, and reassuring him of his continuous concern.