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Ibn ‘Umar, may Allah be pleased with them, said:

“The Messenger of Allah ( may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him ) ascended the pulpit and called out with a raised voice: ’O you who accepted Islam with his tongue, while faith has not reached his heart! Do not harm the Muslims, nor revile them, nor spy on them to expose their secrets. For indeed whoever tries to expose his Muslims brother’s secrets, Allah exposes his secrets wide open, even if he were in the depth of his house.’” 

Jami` at-Tirmidhi.

Islam is a religion that calls its followers to adhere to the virtues which are so many, they are not confined to a specific circle. Rather,they encompass all the aspects of life.

These virtues spring from the faith and pour in it, they are its branches, which diverge from each other, and under each division there are uncountable good qualities.

The balance of these vitues is the absolute justice and complete fairness between people concerning the public rights.

One of the most destructive factors that kill the feelings of brotherhood and friendship between the societies - the disregard of a human being; to degrade or to mock of him, would inspire hatred, aggression, disobedience and rivalry.

Ridiculing people is one of the greatest types of harm, none accepts to be subject of making fun of him. The believer is more honored in the sight of Allah than the angels, because he willingly obeys his orders, resisits his inclination and whims as well as the devils of both Jin and human beings, he preferred the contentment of his Lord over all the pleasures of the worldly life.

The believer is the brother of the believer, he may not harm him even with a thorn, he avoids hurting his feelings with a hateful word, despising him with a treacherous look. He does not ever conceal in his heart what displeases his brother.

The true believer is the one who loves his brother what he loves for himself, and he hates for his brother what he hates for himself. If the Devil whispered to him so that he hurts his brother, the piety will restrict him, and prevent him from wronging his brother. Moreover, his faith will call him to forgive his brother.