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Narrated 'Aisha may Allah be pleased with her:

that she prepared a lady for a man from the Ansar as his bride and the Prophet said, "O 'Aisha! Haven't you got any amusement (during the marriage ceremony) as the Ansar like amusement?"

People have customs and traditions in terms of expressing their joys, some of them are approved by the Shari'a, others are disapproved. Yet,another part of them is approved after modification and removal of the moral or social defects.

Islam, as we know the religion of the natural instinct, does not deprive it of what preserves its vitality and flexibility, but Islam removes from its way what is inconsistent with it or that which does not respond to its requirements.

People will remain good as long as long as they stick to the natural instinct on which Allah created them, so this religion is called the religion of natural instinct.

His saying – may the peace and blessings of  Allah be upon him -: " Haven't you got any amusement (during the marriage ceremony) " a question, the purpose of it is the encouragement.

It is taken from this commandment above what we have said: that Marriage is one of the great blessings of Allah, and that the expression of which in a legitimate way is type of showing gratitude to Allah for this blessing. The Muslim shall intend to thank Allah by announcing the marriage so as to be rewarded for expressing the pleasure, Allah is so generous; he will reward his believing slave for the breath he takes while obeying him.

We learn from this commandment that the legitimate enjoyment in such occasions is desirable. Therefore, one shall not deprive himself and the others from enjoying this lawful amusement.

if it were not for these good occasions in which a person entertains himself, one will lose his mental and psychological balance and he will be fed up with this life.

Let each of us be warned of reasonless strictness, and saying that this is unlawful or this is lawful without knowledge; it is a type of inventing falsehood against Allah, this sin must be abandoned and one must repent from it.

The expression of pleasure during the marriage ceremony through the innocent songs instills familiarity between the couple and their families, and this memory will remain in their minds a long life, especially the couple.

This is a psychological treatment of many diseases, such as suppression, introversion and lack of self-confidence as well as the other psychological problems that doctors may be unable to treat.