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Perhaps the most famous New Zealander alive today (as a rugby star and boxing champ). He converted to Islam in 2009 when he traveled to France and got to know a Muslim family there. Hi wife is also a convert to Islam and appears wearing the hijab in photos on social media networks.

He has the money, good looks, and the huge house, but he never felt like he owned anything…“ Islam made him felt complete.

His mother also converted to Islam. She is not the only one to embrace Islam because of him, the man is very active in calling to Islam on social media networks. He is not afraid of speaking about the crisis of the Muslim Uighurs in China, or the terrorist attack against Muslims in New Zealand.


If you are pursuing what (Sony) owned in his youth due to being a famous athlete, you should know that he like (Frédéric Kanouté, the footballer and the star of the Spanish League) was ready to give up that as he also refused to wear his team’s shirt when it had the name of a  bank that deals with usury. (Usury is forbidden in Islam) and he said, "People hated me more than they hated those who carry out terrorist bombings ... But this did not make me change my convictions." (I play for the biggest team in my sport but I am also a Muslim)