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Abu Saed al-Khudri, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah be pleased with him, said:

“ None of you shall abstain from saying the truth, out of fearing people, once he saw or witnesses it because it neither draws nearer the death nor moves away the provisions” 

The believer is the one who knows the truth and knows its people. He supports them, defends the truth wherever he is, calls people to follow it during the night and day, gathers his heart for it in all his conditions. He knows the reality of falsehood. Therefore, he avoids it, calls people to avoid it and warns them of its evil consequences in this world and in the Hereafter. The people of falsehood will not overpower those who follow the truth; the people of truth are supported by Allah in every place and time, even if they are hindered by some obstacles in their way to realize the victory.

This commandment calls upon the people of truth to say the truth, even if it is bitter, and to bear witness of what they know without fearing of anyone, or fear of penality, or greed in worldly gains, because of their great trust in their Lord, and for their satisfaction with his decree.

The saying of the Prophet ( may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: " None of you shall abstain from saying the truth "

This means that none of  the believers may be prevented from giving his opinion in a case, regardless of his age, low lineage and financial position. He who has a right, can demand it, the true Muslim is the one who sets out with the power of truth to fulfill the truth and invalidate the falsehood, Without intimidating people; because those who fear Allah are not afraid of people.

If he is called to testify, he will give testimony according to its [true] objective.

The bitterness of truth is accompanied by the sweetness of victory over the persistent evil self, the Devil that commands to indulge in the sins, the worldly life which deceives and the inclination that makes one blind and deaf.

Recognizing the sense of the sweetness of victory entails a worldly reward, and in the Hereafter the Paradise which width is the heavens and the earth.

Woe to those who chase the vain worldly benefits and miss this double reward, whereas he knows that the worldly pleasures are temporary. O child of Adam, do you own of your wealth other than what you eat and consume, and what you wear and wear out, or what you give in Sadaqah (charity) (to those who deserve it), and that what you will have in stock for yourself.

The true believer is the one whose aim is to establish the truth and does not care whether the people are pleased or displeased with him. He is not afraid of them because he firmly believe in the divine decree so that his heart is not liable to doubt in the care of his Lord. His utmost aim is to support the truth without disturbing himself with what hinders him from performing his duty, and defending his religion and the sanctities of the Muslims.