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All praise is due to Allāh, Who says, “Indeed, in the Messenger of Allāh (i.e. Muhammad r [Peace and Blessings be Upon Him]) you have a good example to follow, for those who hope for the meeting with Allāh and the last day and remember Allāh abundantly.” (Soorat Ul-Ahzāb, Verse 21) . Thus, Allāh has legislated following the Sunnah of the Prophet r . May peace and blessings of Allāh be upon the best of those who guided the Ummah to perfection of worship and compliance with the Sunnah.

Respected readers, I hereby place before you “The Daily Traditions of The Prophet PBUH”, in which I gathered the daily traditions of the Prophet (i.e. Sunan), since waking up from sleep in the early morning, until going to sleep at night, presented in sequence of time during the day. I then followed these by some other daily traditions of the Prophet r that are not related to a specific time of the day. By Sunnah I mean practices that are recommended but not obligatory; those which Allāh ordered us to perform to seek perfection and promote obedience.

This book is a summary of the original book entitled “The Supreme Blessings in Illustration of the Daily Sunan”.

This summarized version simply presents each Sunnah along with its proof. As advised by some of our brothers, discussions of elaborated aspects of knowledge and detailed conclusions are omitted from this summarized version of the book. Thus, this book should help those who might not have the luxury of time or effort to read the original book, and should allow interested organizations of Da‘wah to print and widely distribute the book.

The purpose of illustrating the daily traditions of the Prophet r is to appropriately demonstrate his authentic traditions, which, unfortunately, have been misinterpreted by the West. In addition, we hope to remind those who abandon these traditions based on the argument that they are not obligatory, and help them avoid depriving themselves from the great rewards of performing these practices of Sunnah. I have done my best to illustrate these authentic daily traditions of the Prophet r along with their proofs and references, and I ask Allāh, the Almighty, to make us of the sincere followers of the guidance of the Prophet r , and of those who follow his trace and accompany him on the day of resurrection.

Written by the humble seeker of Allāh’s Mercy, Dr. Abdullah Ibn Humoud Al-Furaih