The Prophet Muhammad was sent to leave no injustice among people

Narrated 'Aisha:

The people of the Quraish tribe were worried about the Makhzumiya woman who stole during the Conquest. They said. "Nobody dare to speak to him (i.e. is the messenger of Allah, salllaAllahualihiwasallam)  except Usama bin Zaid as he is the most beloved to Allah's Messenger. She was brought to the Messenger of Allah. Usamah bin Zaid spoke to him concerning her. But when he spoke to him, the color of the face of the Messenger of Allah changed, and he, salllaAllahualihiwasallam, said: "Are you interceding concerning one of the Hadd (corporal punishment) decreed by Allah?" Usama said to him: "O Messenger of Allah ask Allah to forgive me!" When the evening came, the Messenger of Allah stood up and praised and glorified Allah, the mighty and sublime, as He deserves, then he said: "The people who came before you were destroyed because whenever a noble person among them stole, they would let him go. But if one who was weak stole, they would carry out the punishment on him." Then he said: "By the One in whose hand is my soul, if Fatimah the daughter Muhammad were to steal, I would cut off her hand."

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