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Do you know that changing your life from lost 24 24 hours in the balance of your good deeds is possible to do in a moment and without effort.


It's the intention.

Set a good intention in everything you do .. Remember that the Prophet,  salllaAllahualihiwasallam, did not use to eat or to  drink to his fill. Rather, he, ,salllaAllahualihiwasallam, would say: we are people do not eat until we get hungry and if we are to eat we do not get satisfied.

You can sleep ..Yes ..Sleep ..with the intention to wake up for the Fajr prayer .. consider the words of the Prophet, salllaAllahualihiwasallam, who said:..

I fast and I break my fasting as well I sleep and I wake up for the night prayer ..

You will be sleeping while your good deeds will not stop counting


In all your actions just add that component ... the intention of following the beloved one, the Prophet Muhammed.