Ease and Tolerance in Islam

Ease and Tolerance: Two beautiful, intrinsic qualities of Islam.


Ease and Tolerance in Islam

Ease and Tolerance: Two beautiful, intrinsic qualities of Islam.

Islam is The religion of peace

The book makes clear that when the early Muslims overpowered major empires and took over vast areas, their motives were not to subjugate people or to enrich themselves.


The Beauty And Wonders Of Islam
Moral Values in Islam
A Tolerant Neighbour Is Good Neighbor


The beauties of Islam

The beauties of Islam are those things that are part of the religion and make Islam stand out. Islam answers all of humankind’s eternal questions. Where did I come from? Why am I here? Is this really all there is? It answers these questions with clarity and in a beautiful way. So then, let us begin our journey and discover and ponder over the beaut...

Islamic Values and Contribution of Islamic Civilization to the World

The Quran and Sunna truly embody the values of the Islamic faith. The following is a sample of the beautiful Islamic teachings enshrined in the sacred texts

Beautiful Moral & Spiritual Teachings of Islam

Islam is a complete way of life, a religion that provides clear guidance to its followers on how to conduct themselves in their daily lives. 

Why Islam? The Beauty and Benefits of Islam

This article aims to discuss some of the beauties, benefits and unique aspects of Islam as compared to other beliefs and religions.

Is Islam Intolerant of Religious Minorities?

Islam is a religion that not only “tolerates” religious minorities, but accepts them and defends their rights to practice their religion freely. 

Ease and Absence of Hardship in the Law

One of the clearest aspects of Islamic Law is the goal of bringing about ease upon the humans and avoiding hardship for them while maintaining positive results for all. Hence, this is not a goal independent of all other goals. In other words, there are a myriad of goals, such as mercy, justice, equity, balance and so forth.