Worldly Increase

Competition in seeking worldly increase diverts you from the Hereafter.

One of the most important social diseases is preoccupying oneself with seeking a worldly increase in a sense that one forgets about the Hereafter.

The more the world is opened to people, the more they find causes of reproduction of different forms. 

The Holy Quran has dealt with this disease in a variety of ways, the most important of which is reminding with the consequences of blessings on the Day of Resurrection, where one is held accountable for what he has received from the blessings in this world; from where did he get it? What did he do with it?

In this clip, there is a warning of this disease, and a reminder of how should a  Muslim treat the graces of Allah, as well it highlights the nobleness of the Islamic morals: how Islam prohibited the ethics and deeds that would spoil the societies.

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