Does God Exist

Does God exist ?

a huge sphere of twelve point seven five six kilometers  in radius is moving rapidly in the space in a speed  of almost 68,000 miles per hour it is called the earth the earth is surrounded by an atmosphere of five layers consisting of hydrogen oxygen and inert gases at the same time the around its axis at a thousand miles per hour.

I will not speak about the greatness of the universe or the incredible galaxies  which the earth looks like a speck of dust on the foot hill of Everest in comparison to them and I will not speak about the countless numbers of light-years with endless zeros I have heard a lot of talking from the atheists in the world

but the thing they say and I did not understand until now  is that they do not believe in God  because they cannot see him I do not know how they cannot see him well I can see the creation of God all the time in every inch around me  why does water have very unique properties in comparison to all other liquids what is earth rotate in definite speed and in an accurate Enkil example 23.5 degrees  why is the Sun located at such an enormous distance  and has such high temperature why the atmosphere has certain components in specific measures.

when you ponder on the answers to these questions  you will see the Great Creator revealing himself clearly  the Earth rotates around its axis at a thousand miles per hour assuming that this speed decreases to 200 miles per hour for instance our night and day times would beten times longer the temperature at the daytime would continue to increase till we burn and the temperature at the night would continue to decrease until we freeze  humans would not be able to organize their time sleep and work during the very long day lights or the darkness of night all of the measures in this planet our regular rised  and adjusted for the benefits of one creature the only creature that has a mind capable of understanding and realizing is there a message to us from the one who has created all this  why the only liquid necessary for life is also the only liquid that decreases in density when it freezes and then it floats if water was exactly like the rest of liquids in terms of characteristics the seas rivers and oceans  would totally freeze and fish and animals of seas and oceans would die  without the Sun we would not be able to live on this planet it is a sterilizer and light  the temperature on the surface of the Sun is twelve thousand degrees Fahrenheit  and the distance between the Sun and Earth  is nearly 93 million miles  this enormous distance is constant it never changes whether to increase or decrease if it decreases and the son becomes nearer to the earth half of the distance for example the paper and wood will immediately burn  and if the distance increases to the double  the severe coldness which will happen because of the big distance  will end life on earth if you realize these facts 

you will also realize that there is a merciful Lord  that organized such delicate punctual Messiah on our planet  in a system that suits us in a specific way  to make our lives easy and smooth this earth rotates around the Sun in an angle of 23.5 degrees  this leads to the succession of seasons and it also causes the suitability of the land for cultivation and housing  if earth was not rotating in such accurate angle the seasons would remain constant in every part of the earth and darkness would cover the two poles the steam of seas will travel to the north and south the snowy mountains will spread in some regions  and the arid deserts in other regions  the only way to avoid this is the rotation of the earth in the space in an angle of 23.5 degrees if the atmosphere has less thickness or different components  the meteors that we see bright at night moving into space 90 times faster than the bullet would have penetrated the atmosphere burning everything on earth the amazing thing is that the atmosphere only allows  very nominal amounts of solar radiation important for the growth of plants  elimination of germs and other needs for the earth is nature capable of regulating all these specific measurements and definite dates to suit us this balance of quantities needed for the life on Earth is very amazing the air consists of six gases. 

 seventy eight percent nitrogen and twenty-one percent oxygen,why these gases were formed in such accurate percentages to be suit able to our lives  and exactly as needed  if this existence was not under the dominance of a mighty great and wise creator then why does it have such amazing balance soul  as if everything is just gathered to play a harmonious symphony this Symphony is only for us  the answer is quite simple he is the ever why's He is the ever magnificent, He is the ever great, He is the ever merciful, He is the omnipotent, He is the generous, He is the ever affectionate, He is the ever glorious, The eternal owner of sovereignty, the owner of majesty and bounty, He is Allah,     

"say whose is the earth and  whosoever is therein? if you know they will say : Allah "say" will you not then fear Allah say : who is (the) lord of the seven heavens and (the) lord of the great throne they will say : "Allah" say : " will you not then fear Allah say in whose Hand is the sovereignty of everything while against whom there is no protector, if you know they will say: ( All that belongs ) to Allah say " how then are you deceived and turn away from the truth?

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