Just One Message

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After the creation of Adam, just one original message has been repeatedly delivered to mankind throughout the history of humanity.

Thus, to remind people about it and bring them back on track, many prophets and messengers including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad were sent by the only true God to convey this message:

The true God is only ONE. Worship Him ALONE and keep His commandments.

The True God, The Creator   

sentto convey
Adam                                      God is One 
Noah     God is One 
AbrahamGod is One 
Moses God is One 
Jesus   God is One 
MuhammadGod is One 

God sent these major prophets as well as many other prophets and messengers to accomplish several tasks and missions, some of which are:

1) To receive guidance from God and deliver it to people.

2) To convey the message that God is One.

3) To be role models to their people.

4) To instruct their people to fear God and keep His commandments.

5) To teach their followers important religious and moral tenets and worldly matters.

6) To guide those who deviated, disobeyed God, or worshipped other gods or idols.

7) To tell people about their final destination (the Last Day) and what leads to Paradise or Hellfire.

It is the same God who created and sent those prophets and messengers. He is the Creator of all humans, all animals, and all objects. It is this ONE TRUE GOD who created the whole universe (including nature) and all it contains. He is the Creator of life, death, and life after death.

The Oneness of this true God, the Creator, is clearly evident and easily traceable in the holy scriptures of the Jews, Christians, Muslims, and others.

Studying the concept of God in the Bible and the Qur’an sincerely and objectively, a sincere seeker of the truth would be able to discern the unique qualities belonging to the true God only.

Some of the qualities that distinguish this only true God from others who claim to be God are:

  • This true God is Creator, not created.
  • This true God is ONE, not three or more! He has no partners nor equals.
  • This one true God is invisible; no one can see Him in this life. He is not physically manifested or incarnated in other forms.
  • This one true God is eternal; He does not die or change.
  • This one true God is not in need of anyone like a mother, a wife, or a son; or anything like food, drink, or help. But others are in need of Him.
  • This one true God is unique in His attributes; no one is like Him. No human or animal descriptions can be attributed to Him.

We can use these criteria and qualities (as well as other ones belonging to Him alone) in examining and rejecting any claims of being God. 

Now let me turn to discuss the one message mentioned above and cite some of the Biblical and Qur’anic verses confirming the Oneness of God. 

But before that, I would like to share with you this thought: 

Some Christians might wonder, “It is obvious that God is one. We believe in one God. So, what is the point?”

However,  based  on  a great deal of  reading   and   studying   materials  on

Christianity and dialogues with many Christians, I came to understand that they perceive this one God to include:

1- God the Father.

2- God the Son.

3- God the Holy Spirit.

So, based on common sense and simple logic, a sincere and honest seeker of the truth could reason:

  • What do you mean by saying that GOD is ONE, while you refer to THREE GODS?

  • Is God ONE in THREE or THREE in ONE (1 in 3 or 3 in 1)?!

In addition to that, and according to Christian dogmas, these three “Gods” have different identities, images, roles, and functions:

1. God the Father = the Creator.

2. God the Son = the Savior.

3. God the Holy Spirit= the Counselor.

By the way, if Jesus, God the Son (or Son of God) is really God or part of the one God, doesn’t this contradict what the Bible itself reports that no one can see God, nor hear His voice? The Bible states:


Based on these and other Biblical texts, I sincerely and honestly ask: “How can we reconcile the dogma that Jesus is God and the Biblical testimony that no one has ever seen God, nor heard His voice?”

Didn’t the Jews at his time, his family, and his followers SEE Jesus (God the Son, as some believe!) and HEAR his voice?

Is there any secret or hidden purpose  concerning the truth about God? 

In the Bible, the true God emphatically testifies, 

“I am the Lord, and there is no other god. I have not spoken in secret or kept my purpose hidden… I am the Lord, and I speak the truth; I make known what is right.” (Isaiah 45: 19)

So, what is the truth? Please re-read the verse and think about it!

Now, let us take off on a journey of seeking the truth about the one true God in the Bible and the Qur’an.

At the end of this journey and after your critical, sincere, honest, and thoughtful reading of this booklet and particularly the verses cited below, I would like to know your reactions or views.

To be as objective as possible, I cite the verses without any comment. Please read the following verses CAREFULLY, CRITICALLY And WITHOUT ANY PRECONCEPTIONS.




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