Oneness of The Message

Muslims believe that Allah Sent Messengers to each nation throughout the history of humankind. Messengers came with the same message: to worship the One Supreme God and to obey His Commands.

 Innocence of mankind at Birth. Muslims believe that people are born free of any sin and bear no responsibility for other's faults and sins. It is only after they reach the age of puberty, and they knowingly commit sins that they will be held responsible for their actions in this life and the hereafter. 

There is no original sin in Islam. Muslims believe that both Adam and Eve were equally tempted, both sinned, and were both responsible for disobeying Allah. Both were remorseful and repented, and Allah forgave both of them.

 Muslims believe that no soul is responsible for the sins and faults of others, even if they are their parents, children, wives or husbands.

 Muslims believe that forgiveness is always available through repentance. Muslims pray for repentance directly to Allah, without any intermediary.

 Salvation in Islam is only through belief and practice. both go together, side-by-side, to be granted salvation.

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