shocking conclusions

What follows is going to lead you to a conclusion that for some might come as a shocking truth. Others might have suspected it already. One thing is for sure, once you know the truth your life can never be the same. It will always be with you. However hard you want to escape you can’t run away from yourself.


So back to where we left off…

That pretty much leaves us with two contenders. Zoroastrianism and Islam.

There are a couple of reasons why Islam has the ups over Zoroas­trianism. Firstly, Islam claims to be a universal religion for every­body. Contrary to what some people might think, and contrary to how some of the followers of Islam might behave, Islam is not an Arab/Pakistani/Indian religion. It’s just as much for English speak­ing white people as it is for Arabs, Africans or Eskimos.

It’s also interesting that the word ‘Islam’ is an Arabic word that has a meaning, and that it is a descriptive term that means ‘sub­mission’ or ‘surrender’ to the Creator. A Muslim then is one who claims to obey and follow the Creator’s guidance. It also claims that this basic message of believing and following the One, Unique and transcendent God is the basic message that the Creator has always revealed through special chosen people referred to as Prophets or Messengers. The name of this religion is not con­nected to a particular person or place. Judaism (Juda), Christianity (Christ), Buddhism (Buddha), Hinduism (India), Zoroastrianism (Zoroaster), are all connected to a person or place. So, for ex­ample, if one lived in some remote location and never heard that a man called Jesus, who is also God and God’s son, died for one’s sins, there is no way at all that one could come to the realisation of this through one’s mind or through experience. You could never reason it. Someone would have to tell you. This is not the case with Islam. The basic idea of Islam, that there is a Unique Creator whose guidance we should follow, is something anyone anywhere could figure out. As an idea, Islam, submission to the One God, is truly universal.

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