The test of universality

Well, perhaps there are a few other tests we could apply to see if the I.D. is valid or not. One of them that makes some sort of sense is the idea of universality. What is meant by this is that this message from the Creator should be for everybody.

 As long as humans generally have the rational capacity to understand the rea­sons for the Creator’s existence and to actually ask the deep and profound questions about life, death, the universe and everything, it seems unreasonable that the Creator would only give guidance to one select group of humans and leave everyone else out. Of course the Creator might have very good reasons for choosing a select group to carry and follow these wise instructions, just as there might be good reasons to choose to give the message to one outstanding person rather than speak to everyone individually Even so, it begs the question that if we are not one of that select group, what are we supposed to do? What happens to us? All this then becomes sort of irrelevant. It seems strange that the Creator, who has provided for every human the means to fulfil every need, doesn’t provide the means to fulfil what is psychologically, men­tally, and spiritually the greatest need, which are the answers to the big questions!

That pretty much eliminates Judaism. Judaism is great if you are born to a Jewish woman, not so great if you aren’t. Although quite a few of us tend to think in some way that our country, race, tribe, town, or football team is the best (or at least will be some day), most of us would find it pretty hard to stomach the notion that unless you are born into a certain race or tribe you haven’t got a hope of getting to the eternal bliss of paradise when you die, and that the wise guidance of the Creator is only for them and not for you. So even if it was true, then most of us would have to dismiss it as irrelevant anyway! There are a few other reasons why Judaism might reasonably be discounted, but this is not the time for it.

I need us to stop here for a brief interlude.

Now I did warn you right at the beginning that you weren’t going to like this!

Perhaps I should have warned you a bit more that the conclusions of this rational approach might mean going completely against your desires and the things that you think you want in life. Per­haps I should have warned you that you might actually hate the truth, and if you’re that kind of person who thinks your life’s al­right, and I have everything I want anyway..well, I could warn you that there are lots of reasons why things might not stay like that for you for long. But then if you’re that sort of person, you prob­ably wouldn’t really listen anyway. So here it is.

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