What follows is only for people who are really to put preju­dice aside, to think a little deeply and follow the most reasonable conclusion.

So far things have been easy going. What follows is going to be a bit of a rough ride when it comes to the sort of decisions and conclusions you need to make. I’m not trying to put you off. Re­ally I’m not, because it will be well worth the effort. After all, was there anything really worth having that didn’t take some hard work to get? Well, the conclusions I am leading you to here will take some effort to follow up. In fact, for some it will take a mo­mentous effort.

The hard work here is not physical, or even mental in the sense of having to think a lot. If you’ve agreed to use reason and common sense to come to your conclusions, and if you are ready to take the most reasonable option and that’s all that matters to you, I reckon you’ll be fine. Some of you won’t. Some of you reading this might even agree with everything and then just keep on living the way you always did…or at least you’ll try. I say try because you won’t be able to, and I speak from experience.


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