Why Muhammad (pbuh)?

It must be a heart superior to all others. A heart brought up under the Eye of Allah Almighty, a worshipper of Him Alone. Inside him must be Purity, Piety, Love, Sincerity, Charity, Wisdom, Bravery, Justice, Generosity, Honesty, Modesty, Kindness, Mercifulness, Forgiveness, Patience, Perseverance, and every other quality of moral excellence and righteousness in their most exalted human forms.

‘Abdullah bin Mas‘ud, a Companion of the Prophet (pbuh), said: “Verily, Allah has looked into the servants’ hearts and found Muhammad’s heart the best heart among the servants, so He chose him for Himself and sent him with His Message.” (Musnad Ahmad).

The heart of As-Sayyid among the offspring of Prophet Adam (pbuh), whom Allah Almighty chose above all others to send, not to a certain race or people at a certain time – as was ‘Isa (Jesus (pbuh)): “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel” (Matthew 15:24) but to all existence until the Last Hour. It shall continue inspiring faith and goodness, pulsating throughout the living being of earth: “Truly, in the body is a little lump of flesh, which when it is right, the whole body is right, and when it is corrupt, the whole body is corrupt; it is the heart.”( Muslim).

Muhammad (pbuh), who never bowed to an idol, spent the days of his youth in silent worship, contemplating and thinking. This endless blue sky, like silk spread out with no rifts in it, glittering at night with countless silvery stars, raised without any pillars one can see; these firmly set mountains adorned in majesty; this glorious sun spreading warmth and light, rising and setting at a precise time, so that the night never outstrips the day; this barren earth that when rain is sent down on it, is stirred to life and puts forth every lovely kind of growth; these fruits of different colors, tastes, and shapes all watered with the same water; this pure milk in the bellies of cattle given from between excretions and blood; these birds above, spreading out their wings and folding them in… who holds them aloft? Who taught all these creatures? Who taught man? These signs must have a Creator, All-Wise, Almighty. During his long retreats in Hira’ Cave – the sanctum of his devotions and meditations on Jabal An-Nur (the Mountain of Light) – Muhammad (pbuh) was far away from the impurities of life, and in close communion with the Unseen Power that lies behind all aspects of existence in this infinite universe.

In the solitude of Hira’ Cave, where silence prevailed, spiritual serenity surrounded the Coming Prophet (pbuh), giving him the power needed for what was yet to come… meeting the Divine Revelation that descended upon him with the first command, “Read” [Al-‘Alaq 96: 1]; then proceeding to the prophetic charge, “Warn” [Al-Muddaththir 74: 2]; then the request for him to call his near kindred, [Ash-Shu‘ara’ 26: 214]; then the Call being extended to the whole town of Makkah and all those around it, [Al-An‘am 6:92]; and finally to all of mankind, [Al-Anbiya’ 21: 107].

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