The Islamic Faith: A simplified presentation

In His infinite wisdom, God, the Mighty and Exalted, has let Muslims differ and follow different ways. A variety of reasons contribute to this state of affairs; some due to ignorance and others to dictates of personal desires. Since their differences are on questions of religion, it is a duty of every who is keen to know the truth and follow it to learn what the Prophet  (peace be upon him) taught and what he and his companions followed in practice. Indeed, every Muslim Must Follow their example.

This is a short whose author has endeavored to present to us what the Prophet and his companions maintained in the most serious area of faith, which is the area of beliefs. He also explains the ideas of deviant groups, so that everyone has a clear idea.

We pray to God to reward the author well for his efforts, and also to grant His reward to everyone who contributed to this work, its translation, design, publication and follow up. May He grant rich reward to all and enable every one of our Muslim brethren to benefit by it.  

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