AZAN Not only a call for payer

A viral video on Twitter depicting a training session for a soccer team in the #worldcup with the #azan being raised in the background.

Why did this scene have that much effect on people? at the end of the day, it's just words that non-Arabic speakers can't understand. right?

#azan is not just a simple call for prayer! it's - for lack of a better expression, 'A wake up call'. A tool that God gave humans to bring the constant noise of life, to a sudden halt.

And a reminder of why exactly do we exist on earth.
We are here, for the sole purpose of worshipping God.

In a very few words, the Azan has immense weight in terms of its meaning and symbolism. It's simply, the whole idea of Islam, and submission to God, summarized in less than 10 sentences.

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