Introducing the GORAP Technique

Go-Rap is a technique that consists on taking a non-Muslim through a conversation about the existence of God, the Oneness and Uniqueness of Allah, the need for a revelation, how can we know that Quran is from God, and prophethood (prove that Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, is a Messenger from God, Allah)   

All this leads to the conclusion that Quran is from God and Muhammad (pbuh) is a prophet, and there is only One God.

We must answer the questions and clear the misconceptions that non-Muslims present.

We can give them a brief answer, a rational one.  And then we say that that question is not the important issue, but the important matter is that there is a God, and then go throw the essential components of GO-RAP

Another way is to deal with the question by saying that that is a good question and you are glad that they ask it, and smile to them and make a connection by asking names and shaking hands; so you make the person to feel more comfortable.

So, tell them that, in order to answer their question, we need to understand the fundamentals, basics of Islam.

Then ask, Do you have a few minutes? First, because they may be busy to have a long conversation, Second, that is good to have them saying 'yes' and agreeing with you, in order to build a positive connection with them.

GO-RAP is all about communication skills, nice manners, relaxed way of talking, smile, and in general, positive body language, and should not be done as a monologue or philosophic cold talk. Take into consideration that 70% of communication is non-verbal. Also listening to the other person and giving them the time to express themselves is very important.

First we have to make them understand the fundamentals of beliefs in order to answer their questions later, cause if they do not understand the basics, the rest is irrelevant.

If the person does not come with any questions, how we can lead that conversation into GO-RAP ?

1. You have to have Enthusiasm and passion for Dawah and make it part of your life.

2. Make duaa', ask Allah to help us to give Dawah to people in the best way.

3. You can start a conversation about anything (football, weather, etc) and then lead the conversation to Dawah. Or you can go straight to Dawah.

You have to know how to say the right thing, in the right way, at the right time and place. You have to consider all those facts.

And you need purpose and practice, so you can develop your communication skills.

Also you can have some 'scripts' (phrases) that you can use always effectively.

Do not be afraid to Invite people to Islam.


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