The Journey's End

So there we have it.

We have neared the end of our journey and the destination is in view. There is really only one thing left to do!

It’s about time to open that door and let the true message from the Creator guide your life.

Yes, it may seem a bit strange and the things you need to do are probably not those you are quite used to. You’re probably wonder­ing what your family and friends will say! Well, you can always try just saying nothing except “read this” and pass it on!

As I said before, the difficult part is not understanding how much sense this all makes, the really hard part is doing it! In fact, really, honestly, truly even that is not so hard!

Just start by making a firm intention that you are doing this because it’s what the One who created you wants you to do! Then why not actually try asking for some help. Yes! Just go ahead and try asking the Creator of all things, and ask Him alone, not through anyone or anything, just direct to the Creator, and do it sincerely from your heart to guide and help you to do the right thing.

OK! So how do you feel?

Well if you feel the way I expect you to then all you have to do is follow these steps.

Simply say: “I am a witness that there really is no god except the One God and that Mohammed is the Messenger of God (technically that is what makes you Muslim) and  in Arabic “Ash shadu an laa il laaha il Allah wa ashadu anna Mohammadan rasul lu lah!”

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