The day of judgment

Life is short and soon, very soon we will all die, but death is not the end.

The Quran teaches that there is a day of judgment when God will assemble us together and we will have to answer for everything that we have done. Every atom’s weight of good and evil, we will know about it.

For those who rejected truth, who chose to rebel, there is a ter­rible punishment in store. It is a choice they made. The truth was clear to them, yet they preferred to ignore it, and so an awful fate awaits them, the fire of hell, where people will be roasted and burnt yet will not die, but continue to suffer eternally.

Those who were good and lived a life of obedience to God will live forever in complete joy and bliss in paradise. There will be no hatred or anger or jealousy, just peace and happiness, physical and spiritual. What a beautiful abode!

That, really, is what the Creator is inviting us to. His paradise. Fol­lowing Islam does not mean that there will be no more tests or dif­ficulties in life. In fact, the Creator tells us that we will not be left just saying we believe without being tested. Following the guid­ance of God teaches us how to deal with those tests, and hardship turns into ease, confusion into understanding, pain into pleasure, and sadness into joy.

Knowing this, and following it brings true peace to the heart. In this sense Islam really does bring peace. A peace that is not merely the absence of war, but a peace that is deeper and more profound.

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